Glossary - K

keep / staple ² (n)
alternative terms for "locking plate" or "striking plate" - but used, preferably, where there is no plate-like feature (see also EN 12051)

keeper (n)
(Product specific term - see EN 179 & EN 1125)

key (n)
instrument used to operate a lock, which can be removed and carried on the person (see also EN 1303, EN 12209 & WI 33/250)

key bit (np)
part of the key incorporating the cut steps that determine the combination and/or the cut-outs for the warding. It may also incorporate a bolt step

key blank (np)
key without steps

key bow (np)
part of the key that is held to operate it

key change (np)
(see "differ")

key collar (np)
flange on shank of pin key to prevent key bit entering too far

key control¹ (np)
arrangement in which individual keys operate more than one lock

key control² (np)
restricting the availability of new or copy keys to authorised users only

key guide (np)
channel for guiding key into lock

key mechanism (np)
arrangement of components that identifies, and will only respond to, a correct key (see also EN 12320)

key override (np)
use of a key to alter the status of a lock, which has been rendered locked or unlocked by means other than by key

key pin (np)
cylindrical part of a pin key adjacent to the key bit and projecting beyond it

key registration (np)
control of key combinations to prevent unauthorised duplication of keys

key shank (np)
part of the key between the key bow and the key bit

key step (np)
differ step or bolt step (see also EN 1303)

keyed alike (adj)
operable with the same key

keyhole (n)
hole into which the key is inserted

keyless combination lock / KC lock (np)
combination lock for use on safes and strong room doors

keyless egress lock (np)
lock which allows egress at any time, without the need for a key

key-retaining (adj)
allowing the key to be withdrawn only when the product is in the locked condition

keys to pass (adj)
(see "keyed alike")

keyway (n)
channel in the plug of a cylinder mechanism that guides and supports the key (see also EN 1303)

kick plate / kicking plate (np)
plate attached to the bottom of a door leaf to protect it from damage

knob (n)
substantially circular form of handle

knobset (n)
(see "bored lockset" or "bored latchset")

knocker (n)
(see "door knocker")

knuckle (of hinge) (n)
formed edge of hinge flap shaped to accommodate hinge pin