Glossary - I

idler pivot (np)
(see "floor pivot")

immediate release (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 13633 & prEN 13637)

in door (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

inactive leaf (np)
last opening and first closing leaf of a rebated single swing double door set (see also EN 1158, EN 179 & EN 1125)

indicating bolt / indicator bolt (np)
bolt ² with external means for visually indicating status

indicator (n)
device for visually indicating status (see also EN 1906)

initiating element (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 13633)

inner cylinder (np)
(see "plug")

inner forend (np)
(see "forend")

inside (n)
side (of door, window etc) that faces towards the interior of the building, or a protected area within the building (see also EN 179 & EN 1125)

integrity (n)
ability to contain a fire to specified criteria for collapse; freedom from holes, cracks or fissures; and sustained flaming on the unexposed face

interlinked (adj)
(Product specific term - see WI 33/250)

internal diameter (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

internal plate (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 1906)

interpass (v)
operate with an incorrect key

interval (n)
(see "lift increment")

intumescent seal / intumescent strip (np)
strip of material (or a combination of materials) which expands when heated