Glossary - H

half set (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 1906)

handed (adj)
restricted to one particular closing direction only (either clockwise closing only or anti-clockwise closing only)

handing (n)
property relating to the direction a leaf rotates to close

handle (n)
item of furniture operated directly by hand (see also prEN 14648)

hanger (n)
(see "top hanger")

hasp (n)
component of a padlock fitting comprising a hinged arm which passes over and encloses the staple¹ (see also EN 12320)

hasp and staple (np)
padlock fitting consisting of a hasp and a staple¹

head (n)
top member of door or window frame

heat activated seal (np)
(see "intumescent seal")

heavy sliding door, bottom rolling (np)
door with a leaf of 100 kg mass or more, running on a bottom rail and having a top guide (see also EN 1527)

heavy sliding door, top hanging (np)
door with a leaf of 100 kg mass or more, suspended from a top track and having a bottom guide (see also EN 1527)

high speed (n)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

hinge (n)
fastening that allows the plane of one attached component to alter with respect to the other (see also EN 1527)

hinge bolt (np)
projecting feature on the hinge edge of a door leaf that engages a keep on the frame as the door is closed

hinge pin (np)
cylindrical rod which links the pivoting parts of a hinge together (see also prEN 14648)

hinge stile (np)
vertical member of door leaf on hinge side

hinge strap (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 14648)

hinged door (np)
door in which the leaf is carried on hinges

hinged window (np)
(see "casement")

Hobbs shackle (np)
hinged padlock shackle having full width slot in outer end for securing purposes

hold back stop (np)
(see "locking snib")

holding back catch (np)
catch for fixing in a permanent position to retain a hinged leaf in the open position

hold-open (n)
inbuilt function that allows a door fitted with a door closer to remain open at either a preset or chosen angle until released manually (see also EN 1154)

hold-open beam (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

hold-open device¹ (np)
(see "electrically powered hold open device")

hold-open device² (np)
hardware, or part of hardware, that holds a sash or casement in an open position (now same as CEN/TS 13126-5)

hold-open power size (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 1155)

hold-open system (np)
(see "electrically controlled hold open system")

hook and band hinge (np)
hinge with elongated flap, the knuckle of which fits over a fixed pin attached to a backplate

hook and eye (np)
fastener comprising a pivoting bar with a hooked end that engages a ring (the "eye")

hook bolt (np)
swing bolt in the shape of a hook

hook ward (np)
wheel ward with return flange necessitating an L-shaped cut-out in the key

horizontal lock (np)
mortice or rim lock with the follower at the same height as the keyhole but further away from the forend

hydraulic check (np)
reduction of closing speed by the restriction of the flow of hydraulic fluid