Glossary - F

faceplate / face plate / outer forend (n/np)
additional plate mounted over forend for decorative purposes

fail-safe (adj)
reverting to the "safe" condition in the event of power failure. (NOTE: Since it is not always clear what constitutes a "safe" condition, terms like "fail unlocked" or "fail open" should be used instead) (see also prEN 13633 & prEN 13637)

falling butt hinge (np)
butt hinge with cam action knuckles to cause leaf to lower as it is opened

false notch (np)
randomly positioned partial gating in a lever that the bolt stump can enter to give the impression (when picking) that it has entered the correct gating

fanlight (n)
small window above a door or larger window

fanlight catch (np)
catch for an inward opening fanlight

fastener (n)
device that hold two or more items together

field gate hinge (np)
hook and band hinge with more substantial flap, usually attached to both sides of gate

filing cabinet lock (np)
lock for use on filing cabinets in which the body of the lock serves as a push-button

final exit door (np)
door through which the last person to exit leaves the building

finger catch (np)
latch for bottom hung casement with operating means designed for finger operation

finger guard (np)
flexible extension applied to door and/or frame to prevent damage to hands and fingers

finger plate (np)
(aee "push plate")

fire detection and fire alarm system (np)
system of combined components designed and installed to detect fire at the earliest practicable moment, and to give signals so that appropriate action can be taken (see also prEN 14637 and EN 54-1)

fire detector (np)
device containing at least one sensor which constantly, or at frequent intervals, monitors at least one suitable physical and/or chemical phenomenon associated with fire, and that provides at least one signal

fire door / fire check door (np)
door located in a fire resistant wall, with an ability to resist the passage of products of combustion for a given period of time

fire resistance (np)
ability of a structure, or part of it, to maintain its integrity and resist the spread of fire

fitch catch (np)
catch comprising a small rotating plate with finger grip and cam in the form of a rising flange on the periphery

fixed leaves (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

fixed light (np)
non-opening light

fixed pin hinge (np)
butt hinge with more than two knuckles and a non-removable hinge pin (see also EN 1935)

fixed spindling system (np)
spindling arrangement in which the lever handle or knob is firmly attached to the spindle on both sides of the door leaf (see also EN 1906)

flap (n)
substantially flat mounting element of a hinge

flat key / flat steel key (np)
sheet metal key that is totally flat

floating spindling system (np)
spindling arrangement in which there is no attachment between spindle and lever handle or knob on either side of the door leaf (see also EN 1906)

floor concealed door closer / floor spring (np)
door closer mounted within the floor (see also EN 1154)

floor pivot (np)
bottom bearing arrangement for heavy swing doors

floor spring (np)
hydraulic door closing device for concealed mounting below floor level

flush bellied (adj)
having common belly forms

flush bolt (np)
lever action bolt which when mounted does not project above the surface of the leaf

flush handle (np)
handle which does not project above the surface to which it is fixed, at least when not in use

flush pull (np)
fitting providing a recessed finger hold for sideways or pulling movement

flush ring catch (np)
catch with latch bolt operated by a flush handle in the form of a hinged ring

flush slide (np)
sliding knob which does not project above the component to which it is fitted

folding door (np)
door comprising full height panels connected by hinges, supported and guided by tracks at top and/or bottom (see also EN 1527 & prEN 12650)

folding stay (np)
casement stay consisting of two interlocking pivoted bars

follower (n)
component that transmits rotational movement from a spindle (linked to the handle/knob) to the latchbolt, to withdraw it against spring force (see also EN 12209 & WI 33/250)

foot bolt (np)
door bolt for bottom of leaf, designed for foot only operation

forend / fore end / inner forend (n/np)
long narrow plate attached to, but extending beyond, the lockcase, for mounting purposes (see also EN 12209 & WI 33/250)

free end (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 179)

free height (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 12365)

free swinging (adj)
moving freely on hinges without influence from any form of door control

French catch (np)
spring loaded catch with bolt that pivots about one or other of its edges

French window (np)
pair of casement doors opening onto a garden

friction hinge (np)
casement hinge where freedom of movement is controlled by friction

friction stay (np)
device for holding a leaf open using friction force only

friction stay hinge (np)
(see "variable geometry friction stay hinge")

frog action (np)
two-way latch action in which the follower acts on two symmetrical legs extending back from the bolt head

full rebated (adj)
having a rebate at or near the centre of the leaf thickness

furniture (n)
(see "door furniture")