Glossary - C

cabin hook (n)
fastener consisting of a bar linked to an eye on a backplate, with a hooked end that slots into a separate eye on a backplate

cabinet lock (np)
generic term for a variety of locks fitted to items of furniture such as cupboards, drawers, chests, boxes etc

cam (n)
component attached to the end of a cylinder plug to transmit locking/unlocking movement (see also EN 12320)

cam action (adj)
having a mechanism which uses a cam and follower arrangement to produce a power curve that is suitable for slide channel door closers

cam lock (np)
cylinder lock where the cam serves as the bolt

canopy (n)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

cap (of lock case) (n)
removable part of lock case that provides access to lock and/or latch mechanism

cap to plate height (n)
distance between inside face of lock case and inside face of cap

carry bar (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 1158)

case (n)
(see "lock case")

case bolt (np)
short but comparatively wide pattern bolt for fastening hinged windows

casement / hinged window (n)
hinged light of casement window

casement bolts (np)
generic term for cremone or espagnolette bolting arrangement

casement door (np)
door height casement window

casement fastener / casement handle (np)
pivoting lever handle for securing a hinged window

casement hinge (np)
hinge used for side or top hung casement

casement peg (np)
pin over which a peg stay is located

casement stay (np)
device for holding a casement in one or more positions

casement window (np)
window comprising one or more casements

catch (n)
fastening device

centre pivot (np)
hinge arrangement that allows a casement to pivot about a central axis

chain padlock (np)
generic term for any kind of padlock with a chain attached to the body

chamfered bolt (np)
(see "bevelled bolt")

change (of key) (n)
(see "differ")

change key (np)
alternative term for either "servant key" or "changing key"

change key lock (np)
lock with key recognition mechanism which can be adjusted in-situ to accept alternative unique key combinations

check speed (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

cheek (n)
projecting element within a lock case to support, guide or block the movement of another member

church door lock (np)
2-bolt rim lock with wooden case and metal bands

citadel bolt (np)
hinged bolt which folds round the edge a leaf and is held in place by another part

claw bolt (np)
pivoting claw-shaped element of a deadbolt, which serves as an anti-separation point when locked, but which withdraws fully into the lockcase when unlocked

claw bolt lock (np)
lock comprising at least two claw bolts moving in opposite directions

clear opening width (np)
horizontal distance, measured parallel to door frame, between nearest points on door frame and leaf, less the protrusion of any hardware mounted less than 1000mm above nominal floor height, with door at maximum opening position (see also prEN 12650)

clenching (n)
action of assisting the complete closing of a leaf into the frame against the resistance of seal compression, distortion forces etc

clenching point (np)
point of interaction between moving leaf and frame where there is clenching (see also WI 33/250)

clockwise closing (adj)
closing in the same rotational direction (viewed from above) as the movement of the hands on an analogue clock (ref ISO 5)

close shackle padlock (np)
padlock with most of the shackle concealed within the body

closing cycle (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

closing device / closer (np/n)
device that automatically returns a leaf to its closed position

closing face (np)
side of leaf which faces the closing direction

closing force (np)
force required to move a leaf in the closing direction

closing moment (np)
torque generated by a closing device which acts upon the door/window leaf during the closing cycle (see also EN 1154)

closing speed (np)
speed at which a door leaf is allowed to close when under hydraulic control

clutch bolt (np)
spring actuated L-shaped bolt of a sliding door lock which automatically engages the locking plate as the door is closed

clutch bolt lock (np)
lock containing a clutch bolt

clutch head screw (np)
slot head screw with slot sides relieved in the unscrewing direction to prevent removal using a screwdriver

cockspur handle (np)
pivoting handle incorporating the projecting element used to hold casement in closed and/or ventilation position

collar (n)
(see "key collar")

collar ward (np)
type of sash ward where the fixed obstruction is adjacent to the key pin and which therefore provides the bearing

Collinge gate hinge (np)
hinge with single elongated flap and a ball and socket joint

combination (n)
one single instance of an arrangement detainers within a lock, or the cuts on a key, usually presented in the form of a sequence of lifts, starting at the pin end of the key e.g. 65842

combination lock (np)
lock requiring the input of a numeric or alpha-numeric code to effect or enable unlocking

communicating door (np)
door providing access between rooms

compound lever (np)
lever ¹ with two adjacent belly forms of different radii

compression force (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 12365)

concealed door closer (np)
door closer housed within the door leaf or frame

concealed fixing / concealed mounting
mounting arrangement in which all fixing means are concealed and inaccessible when the leaf is closed (see also prEN 12650)

concealed overhead door closer, door mounted (np)
(see "overhead concealed door closer, door mounted")

concealed overhead door closer, transom mounted (n)
(see "overhead concealed door closer, transom mounted")

connecting bar (np)
component which transmits rotational movement through a door

construction key (np)
key which can be used by workmen during the construction phase of a building, but which ceases to be effective once the correct key has been used

control system (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

control unit (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 14637)

controlled door closing device (np)
door closing device that returns a door to the closed position in a controlled manner (see also EN 1154 & WI 33/290)

controlling element (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 13633 & prEN 13637)

corrugated key (np)
sheet metal key with pressed form to serve as bulleting

counter flap catch (np)
gravity operated catch for holding counter flap in raised position

counter flap hinge (np)
hinge with intermediate link let into flaps

counter part (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 14648)

couple (n)
two equal and opposing forces which are parallel to, but not in line with, each other (see also EN 12051)

crank action ¹ (np)
latch action in which the follower acts on a pivoted member to withdraw the latch whichever way it is rotated

crank and piston / crank action ² (adj)
having a mechanism which uses an eccentric pivot arrangement to convert rotary motion to linear motion

cremone bolt (np)
arrangement comprising two contra-acting in-line vertically sliding bolts operated by a central handle or knob

cross differ (np)
situation in which the servant key of a suite operates the wrong lock

cross rail (np)
horizontal cross member of a door leaf

cross suiting (np)
deliberate interpassing of servant keys within a master keyed suite, or in another suite

cupboard door catch (np)
generic term for any catch used on a cupboard door

cupboard lock (np)
generic term for any lock used on a cupboard door

curtain (n)
disc-shaped element of a "barrel and curtain" that restricts access to the levers via the keyhole

curved screens (n)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

curved sliding door (np)
(Product specific term - see prEN 12650)

cut cupboard lock / cut cabinet lock (np)
cabinet lock designed for flush fitting

cut through (np)
gap in case and/or cap of lock or latch to enable width of latch bolt head to be optimised

cycle (n)
(see test cycle)

cylinder (n)
self-contained assembly comprising at least one cylinder mechanism and the output drive element (see also EN 1303, EN 12209, WI 33/250 & WI 33/299)

cylinder housing (np)
main body of cylinder

cylinder key (np)
key for use in a cylinder lock

cylinder latch (np)
latch operated by a cylinder (see also EN 12209)

cylinder lock (np)
lock comprising one or more cylinders (see also EN 12209 & WI 33/250)

cylinder locking bar (np)
padbar with integral cylinder locking mechanism

cylinder mechanism (n)
locking mechanism comprising a cylindrical element rotated by key, the movement of which is blocked/enabled by the position of detaining elements controlled by the key

cylinder night latch (np)
night latch operated by a cylinder (see also EN 12209)

cylinder pin tumbler lock (np)
cylinder lock with pin tumbler detaining elements

cylinder pull (np)
shaped plate for fitting under the flange of a rim cylinder to provide the means to pull the door leaf using fingers

cylinder rose / cylinder ring (np)
substantially circular ring which surrounds the outer end of a cylinder at the surface of the leaf for decorative and/or security purposes