Glossary - A

accelerated ageing (np)
Process whereby the long term environmental performance of a product is determined by simulated test (see also EN 12365)

active leaf (np)
First opening and last closing leaf of a rebated single swing double door set (see also EN 1158, EN 179 & EN 1125)

adjustable closing force (np)
Inbuilt function of any door closing device that allows the closing moment of the device to be adjusted (see also EN 1154 & WI 33/290)

adjustable power (np)
(see "adjustable closing force")

aligner (n)
(Product specific term - see EN 1527)

alike change (adj)
(see "keyed alike)

angle (of) cuts (np)
Included angle between the two sides of the V-cut in a key

angle of opening (np)
Angle of door leaf in relation to its closed position

anti-drill plate (np)
Steel plate with sufficient hardness to resist penetration by a HSS drill bit

anti-lift device / anti-lift block (np)
Device which prevents displacement movement in the plane of a door or window

anti-separation point (np)
Arrangement of components which prevent separation of a door leaf in relation to its frame (or to an adjacent door leaf) in the plane of the door. (see also WI 33/250)

anti-thrust action (np)
Latch action in which the latch bolt, when fully thrown, resists being forced back by end pressure

anti-thrust bolt (np)
Spring actuated bolt¹ which cannot be pushed back once it has been fully thrown into a correctly positioned locking plate

anti-thrust slide / snib bolt (np)
Component which contacts the locking plate to activate the anti-thrust bolt mechanism

architrave (n)
Feature, usually decorative, to disguise the join between door or window frame and wall

armoured rose (np)
Cylinder rose with features to protect it from physical attack

astragal forend (np)
Forend of sliding door with groove of semi-circular cross-section running full length

automatic activation (np)
(Product specific term - see pr EN 12650)

automatic bolt (np)
Bolt¹ which self-engages as the door is closed

automatic dead latch (np)
Dead latch with bolt that deadlocks automatically, as the door is closed

automatic lock (np)
Lock comprising an automatic bolt

automatic mode (np)
Function of a mechanical device or assembly, performed without being supported manually (see also EN 1158)

automatic relatching device (np)
(Product specific term - see EN 179 & EN 1125)

automatic re-opening (np)
(Product specific term - see pr EN 12650)

automatic reset (np)
Inbuilt function of any device or assembly to automatically reinstate functional capability after cessation of the condition which caused the response (see also prEN 14637)

automatic swing door operator (np)
Closing device for swing doors that incorporates a powered operation in at least one direction of movement (see also EN 1158)

auxiliary slide / auxiliary bolt (np)
(See "anti-thrust slide")