8759 - 8759 nightlatch, non-deadlocking


No automatic deadlocking.

Strong spring for use with lever handles.

Available with either 50mm or 70mm backset.

May be converted by Stockists to operate with snib lock-back.



Product has been successfully type-tested for conformity to BS EN 12209.
Regular audit testing is undertaken.




An internal microswitch can be fitted in any of these locks to enable an alarm or other signal to be activated by use of either the escape function or key and escape function.

ME = Microswitch to signal use of emergency facility or handle.

MK = Microswitch to signal use of key and emergency facility/handle.

Example Ref: 8761 (lock) / 70mm (backset) / LH outward (handing) / 4801 (cylinder) / Var 20 (emergency variation / ME (microswitch)

i.e. 8761 / 70mm / LH outwards / 4801 / var 20 / ME.

Microswitch Details:

Red: Common

Blue: Normally Open

Yellow: Normally Closed






Single Pole Double Throw. Maximum power rating 2A at 24V DC.