DC51-V - Variable Spring Transom Closer



The variable spring transom closer has the same footprint as the current ARC-51N however can be adjusted to suit each opening ensuring the door closes correctly while keeping the opening force down to a minimum.


  • Adjustable spring strength EN1-4 to levels in EN1154
  • Uses standard ARC-51N accessories which suit majority of applications
  • Supplied as body only with modified L bracket and tag plate.
  • Adjustable closing and latching speeds 
  • Designed for use on aluminium doors
  •  Avaliable in non-hold open and 90 degree hold open variants
  • Only 37.5mm thick allowing installation in standard transom channels.
  • Tested to 500,000 cycles
  • Not designed to aid compliance to the opening force requirements of ADM/BS8300


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Dimensions: 292mm x 91.5mm.
Concealed Thickness: 37.5mm.
Door Suitability: See table for maximum door sizes/weights.
Closing Speed: Initial closing and latching speeds are factory preset and fully adjustable on site.
Spring Strength                     

Adjustable between EN1-4 (to EN1154 requirements)

EN2/3/4 is equivalent to ARC-51N spring strength light/medium/heavy respectively

Lubrication: Stable hydraulic fluid suitable for most climatic conditions and constant lubrication.
Features: Built-in positive back stop and optional 90° hold open position.
Max Door Weight When using heavy duty bottom pivot rated to 120kg
Note: On single action centre-pivot doors it is recommended that a local door stop is fitted at the head to prevent the door swinging through when using electric strikes and latches.