Armlock 261 & 262 - Direct-Pull Magnets



The Adams Rite Door magnet range are direct pull magnets that are used as part of an access control system for electric locking applications.



  • Suitable for use on aluminium, timber and steel doors
  • Compact case size & clean aesthetics
  • Maintains a magnetic holding force of at least 250kg (550lbs)
  • Strong durability & low maintenance
  • Fit any aluminium, timber or steel door
  • CE marked to EMC Directive
  • Successfully completed 30 minute fire test (not 262)

  • Has a security pin feature to help prevent unauthorised brackets removal of the magnet from the door frame fixing plate
  • Available for outward and inward opening door applications
  • User selectable dual voltage - 12 or 24vDC
  • Also available as a double magnet model
  • Surface or mortice version
  • Monitoring available (Hall Effect)
  • Built in voltage spike suppressor 



'L' and 'Z' Brackets ~ Armature Housing ~ 4591M & 999M Monitored Paddle Handle & Exit Device ~ Switching Accessories ~ RiteKey Keypad ~ Push-to-Exit Button ~ Power Supply Unit


Single Magnet: 25mm x 250mm x 42mm (261 models).
28mm x 230mm x 38mm (262 model).
Double Magnet: 25mm x 500mm x 42mm (261 models only).
Armature: 11.3mm x 160mm x 36mm (2 no. for double magnet
Nominal Holding Force: 250kg (550lbs).
Supply Voltage: 12 or 24vDC (±15%). Dual coil.
Nominal Current: 480mA @ 12vDC, 240mA @ 24vDC. Built-in voltage spike suppressor.
Monitoring: Relay dry contact with LED. Integral on 261 models, compact isolated unit on 262-005.
Door  Gap: Maximum 3mm (1⁄8").
261 Positioning: Outward opening - surface mounted to door frame header. Inward opening - door frame header using 'L' & 'Z' brackets.
262 Positioning: Mortice mounted for single action swinging or sliding door applications (not to be used as a shearlock).
Magnet Housing: Brushed satin aluminium.
Note: To achieve immediate release, it is important that the release switch breaks the circuit on the positive supply to the magnet.