Whole life costing


Whole life costing (WLC), which offers best value design and specification, as well as supporting economic and sustainability goals, is an integral part of the service offered by the UK Specification team.

WLC considers all costs associated with the life of a building, from inception to construction, occupation and operation and disposal, and encourages the use of intelligent and informed building designs to minimise the impact of unplanned repair and maintenance work and prepare for scheduled renovations. Knowledge of a building's costs over its full life span, right from the door entry system through to the building envelope, is important in achieving best value from both capex and opex budgets. 

UK Specification works with architects and specifiers' design led approach to capture whole life costings, helping to make well informed design decisions, selecting the most suitable building materials, components and systems. Through it’s integration with BIM and sector specific product families, UK Specification is able to accommodate any building design, offering performance solutions in terms of high quality designed architectural ironmongery, to cutting edge access control, through to steel personnel doorsets.