ASSA ABLOY Group companies often hold seminars and presentations on matters of vital interest to architects and are a RIBA accredited training provider.

These seminars are free, and our RIBA accredited training courses form part of a continuous professional development scheme. Architects who attend our RIBA accredited seminars will earn points towards their annual target.

ASSA ABLOY group companies RIBA accredited CPDs

Demystifying Ironmongery

This seminar will help understand the basic principles for the successful specification of architectural ironmongery.

The module touches on how to hang, close, lock, open and dress a door and discussion centres around many external stimuli such as DDA, Part M, Part B and the Equality Act.

Gain a better understanding of the terminology and phrases used when specifying architectural ironmongery

Gain an understanding of how to specify architectural ironmongery

Obtain an insight into the standards and regulations that affect architectural ironmongery

Opening your eyes to Door Controls

The purpose of this seminar is to identify the different types of Door Controls, where to specify and the importance of correct installation. The CPD also covers the standards and regulations that affect door specification

Keyless Access Solutions

The Seminar gives an introduction into how keyless access solutions work and how and when they are best used. When attending this CPD you will gain a better understanding of keyless access solutions and the technology involved, the different types of products their uses and benefits, and the standards and regulations that affect these products.

Ironmongery & Inclusive Design: A guide for Architects

The purpose of this seminar is to help clarify a number of areas with regards to ironmongery and accessibility. These areas include the importance of inclusive design, the 3 relevant documents that aid inclusive design and what is to be considered e.g. door furniture, lockcases, door controls, emergency hardware

New Technologies (Non RIBA accredited)

This Seminar has been created to help our clients to understand how new technologies work and the benefits these offer to the end users, the installer and/or the distributor.

After this Seminar you will gain a better understanding of new technology solutions such as Mobile Keyless access, Integrated/Smart doors and Cloud based software, understand the standards and regulations that affect the products that utilise these new technologies and appreciate the net effect on maintenance/environment impact.

Steel Doors and Windows; Performance and Specification considerations approved

The seminar is a genuine learning experience and has been developed to help clarify the important issues to consider when specifying doors. The seminar covers topics including performance specification considerations, current Equality Act regulations, fire door legislation and security and blast door ratings. It also provides best practice advice on door and frame installation, the design of structural openings, hardware selection and door accessories.