Metal doorsets


Adams Rite was the originator of the swing bolt mechanism, developed to cope with locking narrow stile aluminium doors, which remains the preferred method of locking on the majority of commercial aluminium doors. Our steel security doors are designed to withstand a range of attacks – from using simple hand tools through to prolonged attacks with a range of power tools – in accordance with the standards of LPS1175.


Steel doors provide a higher level of fire protection compared with other door materials such as timber, uPVC, aluminium or GRP. Our doors meet both British and European standards, BS 476 part 22 and BS EN 1634-1.


Our doors have been designed to provide a variety of sound reduction capabilities. Our products are ideal for theatres, recording studios, offices and anywhere where reduction of noise or privacy is required and comply with BS EN 140 part 3 and BS EN 717-1.


Our cleanroom doors are specifically developed to meet the stringent requirements of ISO14644 cGMP. Suitable for Category 2 and 3 laboratories, research facilities, hospitals and food processing plants, our cleanroom doors have flush edges and seamless mitred and welded corners on the frames.

Blast proof

There are many everyday situations where blast proof doors are a requirement and where their appearance must be in line with other doors. For instance, banks, police stations and embassies need blast proof doors that can withstand the physical force of a pressure surge, but can be operated by anyone. Our blast proof doors are designed to withstand a wide range of blast risks, and still maintain the security of the building.


Our range of ballistic resistant doors provide protection against attack by firearms. Suitable for banks or 'safe' rooms anywhere, the doors have been independently tested to BS 5051, BS EN 1063, BS EN 1522 & BS EN 1523 to withstand penetration from a variety of weapons classified under the European standard from B1 – B6.