411 - 411 high security deadlock


Locks for entrance doors, corridor and other swing doors with door pulls and push plates. Also as a secondary lock on any door.

Available with single cylinder and thumbturn, or alternatively with double cylinders or single cylinder only.

Supplied as standard with striking plate.

Cylinder and accessories bolt through lockcase for added strength. Key can be removed in locked or unlocked position.

For finishes and dimensions see Lockcases Information appendix.

When ordering please specify door thickness.


Hardened steel hookbolt thrown 23.5mm by single 360° turn of key or thumbturn.

Available with 35mm, 50mm or 70mm backset.

Option of MA microswitches to monitor hookbolt thrown and withdrawn status.

Exterior [PROD3] Interior

Key operates hookbolt.

Turn operates hookbolt.


Product has been successfully type-tested for conformity to BS EN 12209.
Regular audit testing is undertaken.