Technical Infomation

Testing and Certification, Product Performance, Design and Evaluation, Further Protection, and Fire Certification

Testing and Certification

Doorsets are blast tested on both inward and outward opening configurations.

Single and double doorsets, vision panels, single-point locks and multiple locking systems are all configured within testing.

Supporting physical testing, we also have independent assessments from other recognised blast authorities.

Product Performance

Blast products are tested with charges from <1kg to over 500kg and for ranges from <1m to 30m. Our products are also tested with the inclusion of both soft and hardened fragmentation.

Ballistic protection is offered from 9mm handguns through to armour-piercing rounds.

All testing is to European Standards EN1522 and EN1523. This not only involves ‘straight on’ shots but also ‘angular’ shots, which were not a requirement in previous British Standard testing.

Design and Evaluation

Understanding blast is crucial when designing products or advising clients. Interpreting clients’ or consultants’ requirements has led us to study the propogation of blast waves and apply these elements to the structural loading of products. Software is very important as a complimentary tool to our testing to help understand the science of blast. We are able to model blast situations and then determine the most suitable product ranges to meet clients’ requirements. This is often more cost-effective, as a building may often need more than one doorset but rarely do they have to be built to the same specification.

Providing ballistic protection is also an ongoing challenge. New and more powerful weapons, ammunition and increasing threat levels mean that products need to be re-evaluated or re-invented to deliver consistent protection.

Ballistic rounds travel at velocities between 450m/sec and 1000m/sec. When this is combined with armour piercing tips, it becomes a formidable challenge for our designers. Our blast knowledge provides an advantage at this point, as blast fragmentation travels at 3000m/sec, which informs and improves our ballistic protection design, giving confidence to customers and clients.

Further Protection

ASSA ABLOY Security Doors can build further protection into door solutions, allowing one doorset to provide protection against blast, ballistic and physical attack.

Fire Certification

All blast and ballistic doorsets can be fire certified from 60 minutes to 4 hours