Technical Infomation

Standard Steel Leaf Construction, Standard Steel Frame Construction, and Performance

Standard Steel Leaf Construction

 • Two skins of 1.2mm (18ga.) thick steel
• 44mm thick door leaf with no face seams
• Doors are stiffened, insulated and sound deadened with pre-expanded, small cell honeycomb core (or high density mineral wool if thermal insulation is required) and laminated under pressure to the face skins
• Face skins are connected by a continuous ‘deep pocket’ interlocking edge lock seam for added strength and durability
• 1.6mm (16ga.) steel end channels projection welded to the top and bottom of the door
• Door edges are bevelled for ease of operation and close fit
• Doors are morticed, reinforced, drilled and tapped for three templated hinges
• On double doors, an astragal is folded into the leading edge of one leaf to improve sealing

Standard Steel Frame Construction
• Manufactured from 1.5mm (16ga.) steel with single, double rebate or wraparound profile
• Supplied in either knock down or fully welded smooth finish
• Frames are morticed, reinforced, drilled and tapped for hinges and strikes
• Standard height frames are provided with four fixings per jamb, built-in adjustment and complete with plastic push fit cover caps


• Typical insulation value: Pre-expanded, small cell honeycomb core 3.2W/m2k
• Typical insulation value: High density mineral wool core 1.6W/m2k


Powershield Personnel Door can be enhaced to thermal door.